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Lex One's new "Let's Get Lost" flick is a head trip [Video Premiere]

The last time we heard from Miami spitter Lex One he was dropping a mantequilla-smooth single entitled "Let's Get Lost," which is now accompanied by some trippy animated/stop motion visuals from talented artist GeD. The new video, which features plenty of allusions to nostalgic video game icons like Pac-Man and the Duck Hunt pooch, fits the vibe of the upbeat source material to a T.

GeD's artsy flick will be a welcome reintroduction to peeps who dug "Let's Get Lost" when it dropped a couple months back. Lex One's fast-paced bars are still head-noddy as ever and the silky Hellz Poet hook hasn't aged one bit. The visuals even make this joint a bit more cathartic this time around, adding an extra dimension that perhaps went unnoticed by some back in March.

As we speak, Lex One is gearing up for an international tour in the UK and China this summer. As he's expanding his movement overseas, be sure to keep those ears locked for more auditory gems from Lex over the second half of the year.

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