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SoupMakesItBetter unleashes "Ladies Love Soup EP"


Originally from Compton but now a Houston native SoupMakesItBetter has delivered a brand new EP. This EP is eight tracks long and clocks in around 26 minutes. During those 26 minutes, we get a great look into the sound of this talented young artist. Every track on this thing has its own swag that makes it stand out but the fan favorite on here so far is "Carpet Burns", and rightfully so. This track starts out with a subtle piano melody with a quiet but perfectly fitting clap to help set the tone for Soup to come in and do his thing. When the bass hits on here, booooy you better be ready to get hyped because this shit slaps and that is just the hook! He brings his best for the verse he has on here. His delivery and flow really stand out and help prove why he has been gaining a buzz lately. 

The overall message of this project is to show his fans that he cares about the ladies man, and they care about him too. Soup had this to say about the EP, "No better love than a woman's love ." I was always told. I chose the album title "Ladies Love Soup" simply from seeing the growth of women in my fan base & how deep their support is for me & all my endeavours. The last year and a half I really experience that quote coming from complete strangers. Being super overwhelmed with the support I felt it was only right to let it be known Ladies really do love Soup."

The whole tape has a very southern influenced trap sound with production from Yorel, Ditty Beatz, Trevor Daniel and Alexander Amadeus. Being from Compton, Soup said he draws a lot of inspiration from Ice Cube when he was making fun party music. Hard bass lines, frantic drum patterns, and on top of all that, some killer rhymes and flows, this is the perfect tape to have on deck for the summer when you are ready to go out and get buck with your squad. Check out this bangin EP above. 


Connect with Soup Makes It Better: Twitter / SoundCloud / Facebook

Hip-Hop · Southern Trap


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