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Manila Killa & AObeats link up in future pop single "I'm Ok" ft. Shaylen

Love hurts sometimes (most of the time), but hey, it's the weekend and Manila Killa & AOBeats have teamed up with Shaylen in a killer post-break up anthem titled "I'm OK.". The two Moving Castle affiliates are no strangers, as they've have linked up in the past in the work "Helix" alongside Robokid. The two up and coming producers come together to formulate a perky sound in "I'm OK", meshing their smooth future bass styles with an irresistibly catchy pop setting. LA based vocalist Shaylen has a sultry way with her voice, taking inspiration from R&B sounds in her delivery. The spunky lyricism of "I'm OK" speaks to a denial process that we're all too familiar with when it comes to the ending of a relationship. For a rather heart-wrenching topic, Manila Killa & AOBeats have managed to add a groove into Shaylen's heartbreak narrative. Playful vocals chops, a bouncy bass line and fat kicks uplift the track, highlighting the artists talent in crafting infectious music that will stick with you throughout the day. Accompanying the fresh new tune is an aesthetically pleasing neon-filled lyrics video to illustrate the words of "I'm Ok".

Credits to Amber Park 

Credits to Jennica Mae

"I'm OK is such a special song because it's the first time we've officially collaborated since 2015 for Helix 2.0. We've always been able to lock in together creatively and this one felt especially memorable since we were able to release the single on our label Moving Castle. Plus Shaylen is very talented and we're so stoked she could be a part of this song!" - AObeats & Manila Killa

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