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Stro is back with his 'Grade A Frequencies' album

New York emcee Stro's sound and lyricism are reminiscent of an era in rap where the New York, boom bap sound dominated. His latest album not only proves this, but further proves he is a force to be reckoned with in the game. Grade A Frequencies features his singles "Aura" and "From Me," the former of which garnered a healthy amount of listens in the nine months since its release. Grade A Frequencies gets features that include Phony Ppl's Elbee Thrie and singer Jordan Bratton, both of whom appear on standout songs from the album. 

The album is complete and put-together, leaving no room for what ifs. Stro oozes a cool, New York vibe while every track is drenched in an unwavering passion. The soul behind every bar on this album is unlike any rap music heard today. He touches on damn near every topic from women to police, while maintaining a confident, crisp flow. 

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