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Seoul-based producer Demicat releases dynamic EP "Oredorok"

Asian talent has been taking the electronic world by storm with a surge of artists making their name into the Western world. Producers like Singaporean future trap connoisseur MYRNE and Japanese dubstep fusion producer Banvox have made their mark with recent outstanding releases. Representing Seoul, Demicat is an up and coming producer who's got a vibrant sound inspired from his own culture in cohesion with today's electronic sounds. His sound has gone through a sort of metamorphosis over the years, evolving from a trippy chill-hop sound to experimental bass and now with his latest EP Oredorok, he's painted a sound he can truly call his own.

In Oredorok - which translates to "Forever" or "For A Long Time" from Korean - we're exposed to Demicat's cultural reflection in sonic form. The EP is riddled in oriental inspired instruments and melodies mixed in with modern electronic synths. He has managed to fuse the opposing sounds together organically, curating an audial conversation between his roots and the updated style he executes. Crisp production and percussion stand out in tracks like "Spirit Moves" and "Chiwazen", really accentuating the oriental vibe of his sound. "LIGHT" is another standout track off the EP, featuring sweet vocals from songstress Neon Bunny. The track begins with glistening harp chords and an angelic introduction with Neon Bunny's vocals. It leads to a trickling build up which pushes out a warping drop, utilizing hollow synths and jaunty strings. All in all, Oredorok is an exciting release from Demicat, as he showcases to the world a unique hybrid sound that speaks narratively and is also a sonic adventure. 

Connect with Demicat: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 



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