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Kendl reveals textured masterpiece "For Her"

Sometimes the best tracks are found when you aren't looking. When this is the case, the discovery's serendipity makes for a harder impact. This is what happened when we found Melbourne, Australia's Kendl. With an inspiring sound that falls in the more ambient and chilled spectrum of electronic music, his montra is that his purpose is to "create music that not only sounds timeless but also feels everlasting." And after scavenging the internet for more of his tracks, it's easy to say this is definitely the case. Kendl has a strong sense as a producer for what makes a classic work. By avoiding fleeting trends, Kendl stays true to his own raw style and creates an indelible imprint with his music.

His latest, "For Her," is a translucent representation of memories, with foggy voices and muffled conversation over somber piano chords. Clumsy percussion gradually polish and paint a cinematic feel as the bass line rolls in, and vocals and deep synths create a mysterious atmosphere. It's the type of work meant to be listened to in solitude, as it carries over strong and introspective emotions. "For Her" is an ode to brief moments we have with ourselves. Its ambient nature and delicate layers unveil new sensitivities with every listen.

Connect with Kendl:  | Soundcloud | Twitter

Electronic · Experimental


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