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Matt McGhee stays "Moving" in Episode 4 of his Under New Management Series [Premiere]

If anything, Matt McGhee is a testament to how hard it is to break through as an artist coming out of the DMV. As a spearhead of the GramFam collective ( short for Grammy Family, which includes fellow notable rappers rMell and Miles Meraki) the wordsmith has been grinding relentlessly for his team and followers for almost a half decade now. With a very distinctive cadence in his flow and a style that favors quality lyricism through storytelling over trap braggadocio, it's a wonder that he hasn't garnered more traction. 

McGhee has released a multitude of EP's and other projects over the years, more than you would expect from someone still relatively unknown. He recently got a head start on summer with the release of "Shea Butter Mami", a sunny and uptempo ode to black and brown women. Over the last month, however, he has been dropping content every Thursday as a part of the second season of his Under New Management series, a creative concept he developed three years ago. Wanting to create the same sense of anticipation of the prime time television shows he watched as a child, McGhee releases a new "episode" (in the form of either a recording or video) each week, each another edition to the story until its finale. 

"Moving" is the fourth episode in the series. Produced by Dejuan Crooks and Matt, himself, the spastic and colorful visual direction was done by Codie Monowi and Chebeni Wabuyele. The two capture the pace and urgency of the tune really well. You can catch up on episodes 1-3 below.

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