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Goss' new single is anything but 'Soo Bad'

Just nine months ago, Goss unleashed his debut track "I Want To Know??" on Soundcloud, and the blogosphere gravitated toward the Danish songwriter/producer's unashamed lyrics about being head over heels in love. Goss continues to make a name for himself by wearing his heart on his sleeve on his most recent release, "Soo Bad." Co-produced by Vera, producer of rising Danish band Liss' debut EP, the track features dissonant melodies that unexpectedly work with intoxicating vocals. Fans of Mura Masa and Yeasayer will find a catchy hybrid in Goss' new work.

While "Soo Bad" is only Goss' fourth release, the young producer has quickly blossomed with genre-bending sounds and remains a breath of fresh air on the pop/electronic scene. Keeping the Danish family strong, Goss contributed songwriting efforts to songstress MØ's upcoming album and has an EP of his own on the way. Pick up Goss' Healthcare EP on April 28, and listen to the new track below!

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