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Brothertiger has his own "Hypnosis" plan for Charles Fauna [Premiere]

Brooklyn-based songwriter/producer Charlie Mischer, better known by his stage name Charles Fauna, is putting his music background to good use. Creating luscious electronic soundscapes filled with plenty of interesting layers for your ear to tune into, Mischer definitely knows how to please. His latest single “Hypnosis” is probably the producer's best work to date. Going for a light, airy feel paired with distant vocals, the emotion that pours from the production makes for that special feeling on the dance floor. Today we have for you another “Hypnosis” soundscape courtesy of fellow New York producer Brothertiger.

Brothertiger seems to wash out just a little of the sadness from the original Charles Fauna version, giving this remix an uplifting, beachy vibe. There's no shortage of lush synths floating around with either of these producers being mentioned. Enjoy the sleek vibes that Brothertiger is sending out, and in case you missed Charles Fauna's original, find it below and out now from digital retailers like iTunes.

Connect with Charles Fauna: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Brothertiger: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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