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Duumu shines bright on debut EP "Illuminate"

Up-and-coming French producer Duumu has actually been in the game longer than you think. Starting in 2012, his early producing days ranged from dubstep to orchestral, but has now settled for an electronic-acoustic sound, which is breathing new life into the genre. His purpose as an artist is to tell a story that his listeners can re-write for themselves.

Making his debut on Monstercat, Illuminate dazzles with its simple, but carefully crafted set of songs. The EP opens with "Recovery", a track that feels like it could be the soundtrack to a Makoto Shinkai film due to its cinematic nature, and glides into the dreamy "Illuminate", featuring Slyleaf. "Together", featuring Kori, is reminiscent of unforgettable nights with its samples of fire and vinyl crackling, while "For Her" is a stunning, lullaby-sounding finale. Illuminate does exactly as its title states. It shines a light on new possibilities within electronic music and Duumu showcases the beauty within that.

Connect with Duumu: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram



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