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Arlo releases soulful new pop track "Ivory"


has released a soulful new pop track "Ivory." In it, while he claims in the lyrics that "I've never been a braveheart," it's bold. Little is known about Arlo, but at just 24-years-old, it is obvious that his musical tastes are sophisticated. He cites his major influences as Adele and Kanye West, in addition to 80's pop icons Terence Trent D'Arby and Tears For Fears. This one is powerful and unique, with Arlo singing out the introspective lyrics in while chimes softly echo in and out. 

In Arlo's own words, "Ivory is about the feeling of constantly being let down and disappointed. It's me promising myself that I won't be heartbroken any more - "you won't find my heart at home anymore." 

"Ivory" is just the first in a series of songs that will be released by Arlo over the summer, likely to turn him into pop's most promising newcomer by 2017. 


Connect with Arlo: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook 

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