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PBDY & BUCHANAN connect for the 'BLENDER' EP

Brainfeeder aficionado, DJ, & producer Paul "PBDY" Preston has had quite a busy last year. Late 2016 he released an underrated collaborative project with Chicago-based auteur Jeremiah Jae entitled JP Moregun (along with an upcoming European tour), he began hosting a new radio show on Radar Radio called The Monolith that has featured a litany of artist from the experimental music scene, and has begun working on a short film. With all of this on his plate, he has still found the time to run his boutique label TAR Records and to toy around with his own productions. 

A few days ago, Paul finally unveiled a brand new collaborative project that he's been working on for a while with British MC BUCHANAN entitled the Blender EP. It's a four-track abstract hip-hop that serves as BUCHANAN's debut release as a 'rapper', but not in the traditional sense. BUCHANAN's stream of consciousness off beat flow is more in line with spoken-word poetry, but his words find solace in PBDY's smoked-out soundscapes, which seemingly take a lot of influence from 90's trip-hop. We are hopeful that this project will lead to a proper full length LP in the future, but in the meantime be sure to check out their respective Soundclouds' for more tunes!

Connect with Buchanan: Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud 

Connect with PBDY: Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud

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