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Electro-pop duo Cathedrals release new single "Don't Act Like A Stranger"

After their celebrated debut self-titled EP in 2014, fans have eagerly awaited the evolution of San Francisco based duo Cathedrals' indie-electro sound. Three years later, they make a triumphant return with their latest release "Don't Act Like A Stranger," where opposites attract for lead singer Brodie Jenkins and producer/guitarist Johnny Hwin.

The duo explains about the lyrics' opposing forces,

"Heartbroken after an abrupt end to a long-term relationship, Johnny came up with the title line “Don’t Act Like a Stranger.” Brodie, who was in a euphoric state having gotten married following their tour, endowed the lyrics with a hopeful strength and light to counter the sorrow. The track describes the pain of a lost love but with an upbeat tempo that instills hope for the future."

Johnny's catchy guitar in tandem with Brodie's dreamy voice on their latest track is reminiscent of "Howling," the first release that got listeners hooked on Cathedrals alt-electro sound.  The new release amplifies the energy on "Howling" and is just as awe-inspiring. "Don't Act Like a Stranger" offers two takes on love, weaving hope with sorrow to create a harmonious dichotomy between both artists' stories.

Hopefully, "Don't Act Like a Stranger" is an inclination that Cathedrals will be debuting more new tunes in 2017. Listen to their new single via Spotify, out now on Double Dagger Records.

Connect with Cathedrals: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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