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MOGUAI's "Tinhauser" is the perfect Miami comedown


MOGUAI has teamed up with Spinnin' Deep to release a new track that is the perfect combination of groovy, upbeat and chill. "Tinhauser" comes at a time when MOGUAI is celebrating over 20 years in the dance music industry as an established artist. With his biggest hit, "Champs" as an all-time classic at this point, he's begun exploring new styles beyond his house and complextro beginnings.


"I found the sample for Tinhauser when I was on tour in Asia. I was listening to some music during an off-day and found a track from Q-Continuum, a band from Finland. I was directly inspired and built the track 'Tinhauser'.

With classic crate-digging beginnings, "Tinhauser" is moody, mature and groovy, only creating more intrigue about what MOGUAI will do next.

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