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Fanservice goes for heavier bass and darker tones in new compilation

The Fanservice collective, an LA-based collective established in 2015 by Soundcloud artists DNZ and Koi, has been known for its future-focused, Japanese-inspired sound over the last two years, but that's all changing now. While glimmers of the collective's original sound can be found in Fanservice Vol. 3, the compilation goes darker with a heavy focus on bass.

The compilation is 20-tracks deep and doesn't mess around from the get-go with opening track "They Know" by Filip. Fanservice Vol. 3 slides through bass, dub and glitch in its first couple of tracks and gets to festival-level bangers with Sabroi's "Monolith" and "L.O.A.L", alongside Casper. The collective gets back to its future roots with "Emotions" by Sefaro, "Crystallize" by metsä featuring Aeriys, "Impulse" by skydoki and "Cake Pop" by Synthion. Other stand out tracks include Brooke Barry's "Come Find Me", produced Madnap (featured on EARMILK earlier this month), "Dusk" by Gate and Ryzu and "Lioness" by Baircave.

If you're looking for something different outside of the standard EDM-realm and inside the Soundcloud community, Fanservice, and its worldwide roster of artists, has got you covered with this newest compilation.

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