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Crywolf displays haunting raw emotion in 'Skeletons' EP

The music journey is never an easy one and with each release, an artist faces a decision: whether to continue or not. This is the case for Cry Wolf. The producer is rendering himself to criticism and vulnerability all in the name of creativity and progressing his evolution as an artist. He lays this all out through his new EP Skeletons.

The first time I saw a real human skeleton I felt a very peculiar sadness and shock inside of myself. It wasn't a reaction to the bones themselves, but to what had once covered them; the strength, beauty, and complexity they had once supported. An entire world had once rested in that skull. How much love, pain, happiness and grief had that frame supported?

Skeletons is about negative space, a harsh reminder of what once was and its unchangeable nature. Crywolf states these are the seven stages all wrapped into one where he's waiting to be cut open. Everything will spill out and nothing will be left behind. Totally exposed. This hauntingly emotional theme is felt throughout the entire EP. Opening with "Lemniscate [The Place Between Asleep and Awake]", soft vocals come in with gorgeous piano setting the tone for the duration of the listening experience. Nerves are hit with tracks like "Quantum Immortality", "Fuse [Liminal]" and "Skeletons [Without You]". The lead single "Weight" is an acoustic wanderlust, while "Silk" has Crywolf and Mothica weaving heartbreak through their vocals.

Overall, Skeletons hits hard. Crywolf bares his soul completely and leaves the listener on an emotional trip, but calls you back for more. It's raw and it's real.

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