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Adesse Versions is a b-side superstar with 'Slide' [Premiere]

A former resident in the techno world, Kevin Gorman can be found on labels such as Ostgut Ton (the label owned by the infamous Berghain) Curle and his very own Mikrowave. Now as Adesse Versions, Kevin is creating timeless music with a blend of sounds from all genres of music including techno, disco, house and acid.

Adesse Versions began life in 2013 as a re-edit series with the ambitions of releasing a handful of white labels. Fast forward 4 years and sticking to the ethics of being music for "the heart, mind and body" Kevin has seen releases on Glasgow champion's Numbers and a remix on Crosstown Rebels. On March 31st Adesse Versions is back with vinyl 3-track 'Don't Stop the Acid' on Let's Play House LPH WHITE.

The EP opens with an incredible edit of Yarbrough & People's "Don't stop the music" - an 80's disco funk classic which Kevin has turned into a euphoric acid re-work. This track sets the precedent for the B-side, which comprises of tracks "Slide" and "Kameleon".

Taking it back even further to 1977, "Slide" is a feel good thumper sampling Slave's R&B Number 1 hit of the same name. An upbeat, funky, fluid progression into disco sounds - this wouldn't sound out of place warming up a sunshine filled terrace packed with dancers this summer.

"Slide" is forthcoming on the 'Don't stop the acid' EP which is available for purchase from 3rd April 2017 HERE

Connect with Adesse Versions: Facebook | Soundcloud

Premiere · U.K.


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