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EaSWay snaps on "House In a Room"

Just a month ago we wrote about EaSWay's latest banger titled "Lessons". The LA based artist is quick to put out heat, because shortly after schooling us on the last track - he dropped "House In a Room" produced by 96 and here we are to tell you how hard he snapped. 

The USC scholar has a scientific psych inside his flow. I refer to this calculated cadence as "Cali Trap".  The young artist told me that he woke up one weekend and recorded the whole thing in one morning. The spooky production lays down eerie chords making it easy for EaSWay to snap all over. I'm always most impressed with the hip-hop artists that can switch their cadence numerous times within the 16 bar verse. Except for EaSWay, he has got to be an exception because homie is out here spitting twice those bars in one verse. Just when you think a hook is about to come - he takes another breath and just keeps spitting. In that way that the K Dot does where he runs out of breath but you're right there with him attempting to keep up. Except this time you're panting cause your lung capacity is no where near capable of spitting EaSWays 360 bars so may be best if you just stick to the "I got a house in a room" hook and keep the snapping to the Cali Trap Star.

If he released this track hot off the heels of "Lessons" you can bet that he's got something up his sleeve to drop any moment now. 

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