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ANNA joins us to celebrate International Women's Day [Exclusive Mix]

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ANNA is an influencer. As one of the biggest names in international underground music, the Brazilian-bred, now Barcelona-based DJ and producer has been on a mission since the age of 14. Since then, she's been working hard to make it in a world that, like she believes differs for everyone, is where her purpose in life falls. Working her way from the decks of her dad's Sao Paolo nightclub to making her own music, Anna experienced the non-glamorous side of the music industry and "making it" as a teenager. She learned the benefit of working hard toward a specific goal, and now has the accolades and resume full of releases to prove that drive can propel great things:

Be the best you can be, study a lot and put all the love and time you can into your art. Be confident about yourself and be whatever you want to be; don’t try to follow what is hyped at the moment if it is not what you really like; don’t be just a “product”. You can succeed being good and doing what comes from your heart. And if it is possible, try to be an inspiration for others, so they can look at you and believe they can succeed too.

An artist of the underground, ANNA has cultivated a finely tuned and greatly respected catalog of techno. With a wealth of inspiration available for her use, her music is worldly and full of surprises. That's all part of her game, being different and being herself. And if there's any advice she has for aspiring artists, it's to not be afraid of going above and beyond:

What I see now and have always seen in the dance music industry is that we have to work much harder be heard. Today things are changing a bit but still we're having to prove ourselves all the time. And that is what I’ve been doing since I was 14 years old, always trying to do my best and improve, to gain some space in the industry and to be respected.

Today, she joins us for a special guest mix touting those talents, and the women like her who make the music we love.

Connect with ANNA: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



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