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Tune in to Nathan Fake's new Ninja Tune Release "HoursDaysMonthsSeasons"

You know the feeling when you're driving and you kind of just forget you're driving and what you've seen, I think there's a word for it... oh yeah it's highway hypnosis. Well that's what Nathan Fake's new record is like. "HoursDaysMonthsSeasons" is an instrumental production that's so crisply done that you can get lost within or totally tune out, either way it's an auditory delight for the ears.

“HoursDaysMonthsSeasons is a reference to the amount of time that kept passing that I hadn’t made music, or addressed problems and thoughts that I’d been having,” explains Nathan. "It’s about watching time slip away pointlessly, feeling a bit hopeless that you’re wasting your life… but it’s kind of a positive vibe too, the track builds up and has a bright ending, because there was an ending to feeling like that," shares Nathan.  The single comes ahead of his full EP 'Providence' dropping  on Ninja Tune on March 10th. 


Connect with Nathan Fake: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter

Dance · Electronic · Experimental


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