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James Curd's 'I Get Up (To DC)' is a funky sort of heaven

Is it possible that we just discovered our coolest find yet on this drag of a Monday? It might be, as James Curd has just about everything cool to offer us on a personal level: composer, skateboarder, synth collector, and a self-proclaimed burger connoisseur. And believe it or not, that's without the cool factor he creates in his music. But his latest EP, I Get Up (To DC), showcases his creativity in his music, assumingly inspired and fueled by all of his interests that flank his title as a DJ and producer.

The former Chicagoan has released music on labels like DFA, but has returned to Exploited for this three-track release. The title track is jazzy, funky and light-hearted, and features frequent collaborator Likasto as well. The second track, "Disco Fool," is funky to the highest degree, with an addictive bassline and interesting build into a combination of funk, jazz and 8bit construction. Lastly, "I Get Up (To DC)" gets a remix from a house tastemaking favorite, Red Rack'Em, seeing the song delve into deeper and darker territory.

Overall, this EP from Curd is the perfect introduction to his style. With each track having its own appeal and humor, we can only hope to see more of him in the future. I Get Up (To DC) is streaming and available via Beatport.

Connect with James Curd: SoundCloud | Facebook

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