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Steve Lacy's song series 'Steve Lacy's Demo' gives short but sweet vibes

Members of The Internet began releasing solo endeavors at the beginning of this month. Matt Martians was the first to drop with his Drum Chord Theory album, and Syd followed with the release of her album Fin. Both projects feature the other members of the band, but allow listeners to get a taste of each person's individuality. To continue the release of good vibes is Steve Lacy, who just released his song series titled Steve Lacy's Demo.

Steve decided to call this project a "song series" rather than an EP, because he felt each song represented its own story. Each one definitely does. Steve gives you funk, soul, indie rock, and r&b vibes in the span of 14 minutes. To make things even more interesting, he created all 6 tracks (minus some programmed drums created in Ableton) using his iPhone. That's right, an iPhone.

To add the cherry on top of his release day, Steve just released a visual for two songs featured on his project - "Ryd" and "Dark Red". Press play on Steve Lacy's Demo and enjoy the 14 minute vibes that will leave you wanting more.

R&B · Soul-Hop


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