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Skippa Da Flippa drops "Play Your Position" with Lil Yachty

Skippa Da Flippa and Lil Yachty have done plenty of work together in the past with Skippa appearing on two tracks on Yachty's hit mixtape, Lil Boat. The two are back with a brand new music video for their latest track, "Play Your Position," taking place in a house with Skippa sitting behind a desk in a room full of women, and Yachty sitting right next to him playing the piano. Throughout the video, they are letting everyone know that they have stacks in obvious ways. We also get some shots of Da Flippa standing in the kitchen with an apron on while he admits that his favorite room is the "kitchen in the hook," because this is where he would do his "whippin" during the drug dealing days. Although this is a shorter track, we get a nice verse from Yachty as well as Skippa on top of this chill, trap instrumental. 

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