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Introducing: Jeff Sanon is a triple threat on new single "Talking About Me"

In music today, more and more artists are wearing more than one hat to personalize their sound and execute their vision like no one else could. One example of an artist that can seemingly do it all is Ottawa bred spitter Jeff Sanon. The Stxryteller affiliated producer, MC, and writer is proving he is the next up with his new single "Talking About Me".


"Talking About Me" is self-produced and is almost like three songs in one. The first part is little more upbeat; and as we enter the second part, we get a slightly slowed down version of part one. By the third part, it sounds like a slowed version of part two. Each section has a certain bounce that makes the song that much more infectious. In sharing about the new single, Jeff stated:

"I was inspired by a loved one when I penned this, which is one of the most liberating feelings. Production wise I wanted to give the song a bounce, but also give it another side that's more slowed down and mellow. That's what I did on the second half of the song.. and structurally I wanted to carve out 3 different sections to lay the foundation for the songwriting to take effect."

Be sure to look for more from the triple threat Jeff Sanon soon! Until then, keep "Talking About Me" on repeat.

R&B · Rap


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Litty Again
Litty Again
4 years ago

nice production but Drake wants his swag back