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Get to know HMD with his debut project 'W16NTER'

Every so often something lands in my inbox that stops us dead in our tracks to take a listen. This time around it came from Manchester based artist HMD, and his brilliant debut project W16NTER. HMD is a new name to me, someone I've not come across before, but upon listening to this EP, I instantly became a fan.

With the help of Manchester collective Big People Music, HMD delivers seven tracks filled with vibes galore, sweet-boy melodies, and hard hitting raps. The Somalian, who came to Manchester via way of Denmark, was born into a clan known for it's poets, and it's clear to see his lyrical prowess is hereditary as W16NTER is a testament to that. Featuring fellow Mancunian artists Sleazy F Baby, Two 4 Kay & Ruby Ann, W16NTER was completely self-produced, and focuses very much on showing us what Manchester has to offer. You can stream the project in its entirety via SoundCloud, and hit up his Bandcamp where you can purchase the EP for whatever price you like!

Connect with HMD:  Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Alternative R&B · R&B · Rap · U.K.


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