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Bikini Trill drop hazy new track “Sticky Treez” [Premiere]

Bikini Trill are a dub-pop trio based out of Los Angeles who’ve just shared their first single, “Sticky Treez”. They’ve named themselves as a cheeky nod to seminal 90’s riot-grrl group Bikini Kill, and here vocalist Lauren Johnson is in a sense channeling the punk swagger of Kathleen Hanna  - only curbed & reimagined as reggae-infused trip-hop.

“Sticky Treez” was initially inspired by an eccentric t-shirt worn by one of the members, depicting three aliens in a classic car. The slick vocals are offset by persistent, reggae-ish guitars and the nimble playing of bassist Kourosh Poursalehi - while syncopated, trap-inspired drums give the track a certain sunlit bravado. Meanwhile, surf-rock tremolos from guitarist Tony Stern and some distant, dreamy brass keep things eminently chill.

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