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LCAW's new single "Man In The Moon" will put stars in your eyes [Premiere]

German producer and multi-instrumentalist LCAW weaves elegant piano with longing female vocals on his newest track, "Man In The Moon," released today via Ultra Music. The otherworldly song features Norwegian songstress Dagny, who sends a feminine jolt through the warm house beat. Dagny is no stranger to the alt-electronica world - she's nominated for a Norwegian Grammy and has popped up on VEVO, Spotify, and Apple Music as a consistent artist to watch. 

Without falling into a monotonous trap, the collaboration between these talented artists distinguishes itself with dreamy synths atop a pop sound. 22-year-old producer LCAW has been fine tuning his musical talents since he was two years old, religiously practicing piano, cello, and drums until he found his niche in the German electronic house scene. This early start on learning about instrumentation allowed him to release his first track - a remix of British band Daughter - at just 18 years old. 

Since his young start, LCAW has gained attention from the likes of Martin Garrix, Robin Schultz, and Felix Jaehn, to name a few. In 2017, he plans to perform a set alongside a chamber music orchestra, amongst numerous other exciting plans. Stay tuned for more in 2017!

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