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Floyd releases "Uh-Oh" [Premiere]


Atlanta rapper Floyd has released his first single from his upcoming project, Next Gen. The track is called "Uh-Oh" and is a very mellow yet catchy trap anthem. With production from his longtime producer Clibbo, Floyd feels that this track touches back to when he and Clibbo first started to work together and that this is the perfect representation of their sound. It is hip hop but it isn't trap, you just feel it. You can hear the classic Atlanta influence all over this thing but the two were able to put their own twist on the track. Floyd is eager to get this one out saying, "I just want people to hear how fresh the song is. It just sounds genuinely fresh. The cadence, the rhythm, it feels very carefree and boosting. Sonically, that's just how we are." Check out this track and get ready for the release of Floyd's new project coming Spring of this year. 

Connect with Floyd: Twitter | SoundCloud 

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