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Kyle and Cousin Stizz avoid distractions on "Want Me Bad"

Kyle is one of the fastest rising hip-hop artists of 2017, thanks to his streak of youtube hits and the success of his late 2016 single, "I Spy." The Los Angles based rapper is in a lucrative position now that the landscape has semi-shifted towards the happier, danceable sounds of his contemporaries like Chance the Rapper and Lil Yachty. While his music typically veers towards lighthearted fun, he still strings together tight bars and can touch on heavier topics. His boyish charm permeates into each song, but it would be remiss to treat him like a one trick pony. Kyle is not one to run away from getting serious or, in the case of "Want Me Bad," seriously get back at those who wish ill on him.

"Want Me Bad" possess the tenets of a businessman's motivational speech: no distractions; no laziness; no looking back; no haters allowed. Although Kyle is not describing how he was able to make it to his position, he does talk about trying to go further and stay successful. He and Cousin Stizz rap about keeping their team intact and running away from demons that would hold one back. Ayo's production reminiscent of an old school fantasy rpg. The beat is perfectly free floating enough to give the song a whimsical ambiance, even though Kyle is discussing the hardship of growing as an artist and potentially leaving friends or love ones behind."Want Me Bad" is a great track, check it out above.  

Connect with Kyle: Twitter | Website | Soundcloud

Hip-Hop · Rap · Soul


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