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Nerve Leak gives us our "Morning Coffee" with new remix [Premiere]

There’s always something to be admired about producers who constantly push the boundaries of genres while seeking to break them down. One such producer, Brooklyn based Nerve Leak, has been making waves with his unique style mixing experimental and pop rooted in trap beats. After solidifying his budding sound with such releases as “DR34M5” and “Moon Pull” last year, Nerve Leak has returned this year with a remix of Sleeping Lion’s “Morning Coffee,” out now.

While the original showcased Sleeping Lion’s defining chillwave indie pop aesthetic, Nerve Leak wastes no time in embedding his own trap basis with the first heady low-end synth that anchors the track as the percussion thrusts the remix forward. The pitched down vocals of the original complete the track and give a depth usually lacking from trap-esque productions.

This is definitely one remix you won’t want to miss. Take a listen today.


Connect with Nerve Leak: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Connect with Sleeping Lion: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter


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