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Boy Epic takes his place as the dark prince of pop in "Kanye's In My Head" [Video]

With seductive vocals, haunting yet catchy melodies, Boy Epic is the dark prince of pop music. His complex sound contains these epic builds that almost seem to break free from the chains of these provocative vocals and lyrics.  Check out the latest video fro his single, "Kanye's In My Head." 

The video for this track provides a really great representation of how Boy Epic puts this almost agonizing feeling into his singing as if each lyric had to physically break through to get out of him. Get familiar with this name now, as this artist has all the workings of becoming a huge pop star and someone that everyone will soon be looking to collaborate with. He's already working off some incredible momentum with his previous single, "Say Something - A Great Big World" already seeing 8 million views on YouTube and "50 Shades" over 9 million. From an industry perspective, he's making all the right moves and definitely surrounding himself with the right people that are putting him on a path set for stardom. We can only hope his pop can stay dark, sexy and genuine, as I'm excited to see what else this artist can still further become. 



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