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Stormzy reminds everyone of their place in "Big For Your Boots"

After a nine-year hiatus, Stormzy roars back onto the scene with a fiery new single, "Big For Your Boots." Fans of the award-winning grime artist anxiously waited for any sign of his studio album. Thankfully, their patience has paid off, as the young MC announced that his debut album, Gang Signs & Prayer, is on its way, due out on February 24, 2017

"Big For Your Boots" captures many of the qualities that made Stormzy such a hot commodity and "Shut Up" a smash hit. Stormzy relentlessly attacks the mic, barely giving his audience a moment to grasp and appreciate his lyrical performance. Praise be to the person who wronged him in a past life, as he is always ready to battle someone. His opponents are obviously not prepared to face the onslaught of his talent, or have forgotten what he is all about during his brief hiatus.  So, he decides to remind them to stay in their place.

"Big For Your Boots" accompanying video from one of the hottest new video directors on the scene, Daps, is a brilliant jaunt through different locales around London. It captures Stormzy actively aggressive rapping style, with the majority of the people in the different scenes remaining still; the juxtaposition creates a cool effect, like having one part of painting jump to life. Additionally, it's cool that he goes to such varied locations and shoots with a diverse cast of characters. Stormzy gives a broader perspective of life in London streets, rather than just his Ends.

Check out "Big For Your Boots" above.

Connect with Stormzy: Twitter | Youtube | Instagram 

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