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Premiere: Asante Phenix slices through on new single, "Katana"

Asante Phenix, the latest DMV offering, has a voice that is a mix between an silky smooth tenor and an imposing baritone. His voice dances between registers not normally touched in the pop or R&B realm he calls home. Upon first listening, we can notice his distinct delivery, an aspect that helps him standout. Asante's first project, Chambers EP, definitely benefited from his interesting styling. Now, the singer returns a year later, with a brand new extended play that puts his particular crooning front and center.

"Katana" is the first single from Asante's forthcoming project, Hi Tech // Lo LifeKindergartner produced the entirety of the project, and "Katana" is no different. The beat is a combination of r&b and far eastern sounds; hence the title of the song. 808's lay low underneath, banging along as strings, sword sounds, and flutes flutter above. It has a dark ambiance, which fits with Asante's lyrical theme.

Phenix is singing about a metaphorical girl he met in Japan, then reconnect with in Harlem—the perfect combination of the worlds that gave rise to "Katana's" sound. He describes her as dangerous and elusive, a sharp person that has to be handled with care. He makes her sound cool and alluring, but at the same time vulnerable.

Asante Phenix sounds great on this track, easily flowing through "Katana." His voice fits with the dark production really well, which is an avenue he should probably continue to explore. However, you should definitely look out for Hi Tech // Lo Life coming soon, due out this Spring.

Connect with Asante Phenix on: Instagram | Soundcloud | Facebook

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