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Listen to this new broody single called "Head" by Ghost Hours [Premiere]

The California sun must not shine brightly enough for SoCal composer Ron Fountenberry, because today he's released a single under his project Ghost Hours that could best be described as perfect for those cloudy, slightly chilly days. Kind of like California weather at the moment. 

A song about lost love "Head" balances moodiness with an affinity for movement. This song is not a still pond, it's like a slowly moving river. Mellow chords and exploration with electronic and pop elements in "Head" makes it relatable, yet there's something sort of disconcerting about the song. Ghost Hours puts it pretty well, saying that "Musically I’d say it sounds something like if Chet Faker and SG Lewis opened a Hamburger and Taco shop together. It doesn't totally make sense, but somehow still sounds delicious."

Fair enough. 

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