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KyE Nathaniel drops new video for "Pure Meditation"

KyE Nathaniel has delivered his latest video for "Pure Meditation" off of his upcoming project, Le´ Wave. This Alice in Wonderland inspired video takes the listener on a trip alongside KyE as he tries to reach clarity and find his place in music. The video starts off with KyE meeting up to buy some weed but ends up settling for a pill known as Alice instead and goes on the trip of his life. The video is shot primarily in the woods with flashes of bright colors and other trippy cinematic shots to help the listener experience the feeling that KyE is going through. This track is offering others to open their minds and find happiness in life. Don't be so stressed all the time and live for the moment. Listen to the track here: 


Connect with KyE Nathaniel: Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube



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