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Joey Bada$$ is back with powerful track "Land of the Free"

With his new album #AABA rumored to be on the way early this year, Joey Bada$$ has delivered a new track. This is Joey going back to that old boom bap sound but still has a way to add his own spin to it. "Land of the Free" is a powerful message explaining the pain that is felt throughout Joey and many more with the election of Donald Trump. He expresses the worry he has that these horrible things are still happening in America like murder, robbery, and racism and drops references about his past ancestors to help back up how he feels about the life for the black American. He feels that this is not the land of the free but the land of the free loaders and they do not care about the African American so why would he want to do anything to help change. The message is here in this one as Joey holds nothing back, not to mention he dropped it on the night before Trump's inauguration. 

Connect with Joey Bada$$: Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud 



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