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Introducing: JT Soul

JT Soul has blessed us with the first taste of his highly anticipated EP. The young (and I mean young, homie is only 17 years old) artist is based out of Montreal and has recently signed to ODDIO Entertainment. JT Soul and his fellow ODDIO Entertainment homie, Jei Bandit release the mindfucking visual for their collab, "5:AM - SUN & MOON". The track's production is backed by Sterling Grove, Jei Bandit & Jåmvvis with bars from JT Soul & Jei.


 The video begins on some Paranormal activity, Full Moon, Friday the 13th type shit. There is a car being driven by troubled girls in the middle of no where and a red light on Jei Bandit in what appears to be a hide out scene. There are celestial choir echoes in the production and an auto tuned hum from JT Soul who starts to sing, "I just cant seem to get you out of my head, we can roll up and smoke out all the stress". And you sorta feel like there is some type of drug chase going on - one girl is frantically looking for power tool in the shed and then headlights on a deserted road edit into the mix. The whole vibe is incredibly eerie, some heist shit going on, perhaps someone is a hitman - WHO KNOWS - but the song is so soothing that you almost forget that you're basically watching a horror film. 

The girls start turning up in an evil type way and the the song switches half way through. The edits on the film reel feel turnt up themselves: shaking angles with gemini head shots everywhere. Then Jei comes in spitting hot fire bars at the end of the film and finally comes out from his hide-out in a Pulp Fiction ass outfit. This track's sound honestly reminds me of a modern day "Day and Night" by Kid Cudi but with a more trip-hop/soothing trap/Montreal feel.

But this is just my take on the short film, you'll have to watch for yourself and see what you think!

Connect with JT Soul: Soudcloud  | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Connect with Jei Bandit: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Future R&B · Hip-Hop · Raw-Hop · Trip-Hop


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