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Young Thug has released an interesting video for "Wyclef Jean"

Young Thug had a huge 2016 with multiple releases including his critically acclaimed mixtape, Jeffery. The Atlanta-based rapper is back with a new video this time for the track, "Wyclef Jean." However, things did not go as planned for the video shoot because someone failed to show up on time, yup you're right Thugga himself. This video was anticipated to be around $100,000 so Ryan Staake, the co-director made do with what he had.

The video is a narrative explaining the entire situation. Staake used Thug's vision to the best he could. He was able to receive some clips that were recorded by Thug for the video that he sprinkled in throughout the video. The video starts out with a conversation from Young Thug explaining what he had planned for the video. He wanted a plethora of small children's cars surrounded by girls and eventually proceed their way to a backyard party and that is exactly what he got.  The video came out very well even with the absence of their main star. They were able to make something out of nothing and that 100k did not seem to be wasted. Check out this unorthodox yet strangely entertaining video here: 

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