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Pegboard Nerds talk new Nerds By Nature EP and plans for 2017 [Interview]

2016 has been a pretty intense year for Pegboard Nerds. The DJ-duo released a plethora of singles, did a few remixes for Virtual Riot and G-Eazy and even collaborated with the likes of NGHTMRE, Krewella and Snails. They supported Seven Lions on The Journey Tour and made their way to India for New Year's Eve. With such an insane schedule, you would think Pegboard Nerds wouldn't have time to release a new EP. Think again. Out today via Monstercat, the Nerds By Nature EP has been highly-anticipated since the release of their previous Pink Cloud EP and incorporates club vibes with some newer sounds from the duo.

The EP doesn't disappoint. High energy, bass-heavy and infectiousness fill the six tracks and never hits pause once. Nerds by Nature opens with "Speed of Light", a very classic Pegboard-sounding track, which transitions into the hard-hitting, super fun "Talk About It". The mid-point features previously released songs "Melodymania" and "BAMF", and finishes off with the insanity that is "Go Berserk" and "Blackout". The wait will definitely be worth it for fans of the Nerds. EARMILK had a chance to talk to the duo about the new EP, their past year and what plans they have for the upcoming year.

The new EP had been highly anticipated since the release of their last EP in 'Pink Cloud'. Nerds by Nature has a bit of everything, just the way the duo likes it, and it's a little different from the previous EP (but more clubby this time). I noticed there was a slight stray from the video game influences and wondered how the creation process differed this time around. The duo said that, "Any new song isn't based on a specific recipe, but the excitement for whatever little idea or inspiring moment that lights the spark in the creative process. Tracks are difficult in their own way, but they are also enjoyable. Figuring out the secret key to each track is essential". 
Looking back at the Nerds' 2016 was almost overwhelming due to their insane touring schedule. I wondered what it was it was like to be a part of Seven Lions' The Journey Tour and it was a crazy, but great, experience. The duo did everything from tree climbing to larping and created new and fantastic friendships. "Eating, shitting and sleeping together will change you forever. This time in a very positive way". They also traveled to India for Sunburn Festival to ring in 2017 and had a very positive experience alongside the Monstercat crew performing there, as well.
I wondered what else the duo could possibly do with their upcoming year since they were starting off quite strong with a massive EP release. The Nerds are planning a big tour for this year, with an announcement coming soon, and plan to return to some of their favorite venues and clubs. The guys say they "can't wait to get back on the road to test drive all the new material (not just the Nerds by Nature EP!" 2016 also saw a lot of collaborations and single releases. Fans can look forward to more collaborations with some of the Nerds' close hometown friends and will be making their Spinnin' Records debut with a Tony Jr. collaboration. Also, the duo say, "There will definitely be more tracks, remixes and EPs coming in 2017, as well as some ultra cool remixes of the whole Nerds by Nature EP and our Snails collab". Seems to me that "slowing down" is not a passing thought for the Pegboard Nerds and we're stoked to see what this year will bring for them.
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