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Sleeping Lion drop a savory remix of "YDU" by Opia [Premiere]

Opia released this track called "YDU" several months back and since then, remixes of the song have been coming from that SoundCloud website left and right. Dang! So many remixes, but but.... which is the best remix of them all? 

Today, Sleeping Lion released their rendition of "YDU" and it is quite the explosive ear pleaser. A wild blend of intricate synth drops, saxophone melodies here and there, and even a downtempo keyboard segment give the OG Opia vocals a heavy dose of creative energy like the cherry on top of an already flavorful song. It's obvious the duo spent extensive time reworking the original "YDU" so that by the end of their remix, Sleeping Lion will have ensnared listeners with their unique finesse. Don't sleep on Sleeping Lion, they might possibly have topped all "YDU" remixes to become the number one contender for best "YDU" remix so far. 

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