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dvsn heats up your holidays with "With Me/Do It Well" [video]

Feeling a bit cold this holiday? Fear not friends, dvsn has your back with a fiiiire video for their tracks “With Me” and “Do It Well”.

For all of you true fans out there, you’ll recognize that “With Me” and “Do It Well” are two separate songs. While this is true and I am not one to normally dig a video that combines two tracks, the Toronto natives do it very well with this one. They blend the songs effortlessly and it completely works thanks to a flawlessly executed transition. Also, when you have a beautiful woman driving a dope old school mustang followed by some sexy aerial silk dancing, it’s hard to hate.

Do yourselves a favor and play the video above ladies and gents. Cheers to the holidays and dvsn for providing a way to warm things up during this frigid season.

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