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FORD releases new track "Oblivion" feat. Rya Park

FORD has released his new track "Oblivion" featuring Rya Park on vocals and it is a sparkly affair, arriving just in time for the holidays. The self-taught, 18-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist hails from Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia and is poised to turn heads in the music industry. 

The producer is known for a mix of synthesizers, punch-driven hip-hop beats and vocal hooks inspired by house music. It is often difficult to decide whether FORD is future bass, moombahton, pop or hip-hop because he is so versatile. 

On "Oblivion" we hear a perfectly upbeat pop song, with mysterious Rya Park's alluring vocals in the background. The track is perfectly smooth and sensual, with airy synths and a steady beat to carry it through. FORD apparently tried out an electro-pop sound on this one, and it is poised to make waves online. 

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