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Telefones debut 80s inspired video for "Bad Machine" [Premiere]

The Nashville band Telefones has released the music video for their song “Bad Machine.” Their style, termed “art-rock,” incorporates elements of shoegaze, surf and psychedelic rock.

The video is a tribute to the musical pioneers who've paved the way for the Telefones’ hybrid sound. It perfectly captures their hallmark lo-fi, retro style. The grainy footage from a shaky handheld camera looks like its straight out of a home video and comes complete with cheesy 80s special effects. As the bluesy guitars blaze, you get caught up in a wave of nostalgia and forget you're watching this on a laptop and not a VHS tape.

“Bad Machine” is off Telefones’ debut EP Rack Your Noodle, which was released this fall via Banana Tapes.

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