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Mell Jiggson & Allstar NOVES drop bars in "Pharaohs"

Who said hip-hop was dead? New York is responsible for some of the most notable names in the history of hip hop and it seems like there will always be new names coming out of the state. Mell Jiggson and Allstar NOVES are the perfect examples of that. They are a part of the UpLate UpEarly collective that is full of all sorts of talent. Take a little bit of A Tribe Called Quest and a little bit of Nas and this is what you would you get. The two go back and forth showcasing their clever word play and slick flows and prove that they have what it takes to help carry the load of New York hip hop. With a smooth instrumental to help back up the dope lyricism going on throughout this track, this is a must listen for any fan of that classic boom bap New York sound. Check out the video here: 

Connect with Mell Jiggson: Twitter | YouTube

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