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Golden Coast want to "Make Ya Move"

Put your sunnies on, because Golden Coast have got us feeling those morning sunshine vibes with their latest offering "Make Ya Move. Whether you're cruising with your windows down or dancing silly in your living room, "Make Ya Move" is set to make you do just that! Dance worthy drums, infectious vocals, and sunny synths will have your hips shaking and your feet kicking. The guys share, ""Make Ya Move was our attempt to kind of throw off some of the traditional song-y rules and do something just purely fun.  Kind of tried to channel our inner Macklemore or Bruno and talk a little over-confident swagger.  Think it’s our favorite dance tune to date." A perfect indie pop crossover, we're feeling tons of good vibes from Golden Coast and think you will as well. Enjoy it below! 

Connect with Golden Coast: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter 

Indie Pop


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