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Jaden Smith proves his abilities with the new visual for "Fallen" [VIDEO]

Jaden Smith is too often associated with bizarre Tweets, pouty faces and, of course, his dad, Will. But, the fact is, this 18-year old California native has a huge array of artistic talents, as is clearly illustrated in this impressive new video for his track "Fallen".

Directed by Jaden and Tampa-based filmmaker Miles Cable, the video is as visually stunning and cinematic as it is outlandish. It features Jaden singing, rapping, stumbling, and puking his way through a 19th century version of Calabasas, California, complete with some gorgeous sunset shots and a glaring shoutout to one of his major influences, Kid CudiAlong with the vintage, filmic look of the photography here, the overall tone of the video perfectly matches that of the song.

As for the song itself, we get to hear Jaden take a solid stab at singing which, while still being a bit rough around the edges, is spot on in melody, and fits nicely over the spacey-but-driving beat. Of course, he didn't forget to include his signature brand of ultra-relaxed rapping in "Fallen" as well, which he uses to put forth some vivid lyrics like, "Girl your eyes are like the open sea, the simple poetry", which work beautifully with the overall love song vibe here. Some subtly sweet background vocals from Kevin Abstract provide the last minor touch needed to tie this entire track together. 

In terms of what to expect from Jaden musically in the near future, we get a hint in the ending credits that a project named Syre- also the name of the character he's billed as- is coming soon. 

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