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Introducing Adam Friedman and his anything but "Sad" track

Though West LA’s Adam Friedman might not be on your radar yet as an artist, you probably have heard of him through his work with Mike Posner. The two have collaborated on music together, including Friedman’s second single “Lemonade,” and toured together on Posner’s latest shows together. 

That spotlight followed Friedman’s breakout hit, “Pretty Things,” launching a move into notoriety as an up and coming artist to keep an eye on. Since then, his music has been streamed millions of times as we’ve gotten a peak into the uplifting, multidimensional take on pop that, he has seemingly figured out behind closed doors before slowly giving us a taste of his music.

Today, we’re getting another piece of the puzzle – the puzzle that is forming for his debut EP What If that’s due out February 10th of next year. The song is “Sad,” the future third track of the EP. Despite its title and subject matter, “Sad” serves as a vehicle to uplift. Friedman’s falsetto might remind you of Adam Levine, but there’s a roughness to his voice that makes it accessible in a song like “Sad.” He’s given us a little insight into it, clarifying:

“There are times in our lives when things aren't the way we want them to be. Whether it's a song you’re writing, a relationship you’re in, a state of mind you're working at, a diet you're holding yourself to, etc and you can't help but to feel frustrated, lost or sad about it.

“Sad” is about accepting whatever it is you're feeling, being honest with yourself and moving forward accordingly. I truly believe the only way to fully pursue our endeavors is to completely confront ourselves inside and out. As people we are endless infinities. It's our choice how deep we dig. What I've found is that the deeper we dig, the closer we get to the source.”

Until the release of What If, you can catch Adam performing at Hotel Café in LA on December 7th at pm.


1. Signals

2. Stuck In The Middle

3. Sad

4. What If

Connect with Adam Friedman: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

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