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Introducing: KoVu

KoVu is an emerging hip-hop artist from the suburbs of Chicago. When you think of Chicago, you likely think of SAVEMONEYGANG (Chance, Towkio, etc) or Kanye. This artist is a whole different cup of tea, he combines some trap drums, progressive electronic synths and playful melodies to produce an original track titled, "The Villa".

KoVu rhymes about playful party plans like getting lit at the villa and carries a catchy melodic rhythm throughout the chorus. Just from listening to this track, we are absolutely trying to get an invite to the villa and also have a "Michael Jackson thriller night". This can be a light-hearted party anthem - the lyrical content is playful and makes you want to move. The track takes inspiration from Hip-Hop and R&B but also a lil bit of dancehall. Plus homie recently released a project 'Contrast' and is slated to release another project any minute now. Keep him on the look out for 2017!

Connect with KoVu: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Future R&B · Hip-Hop · R&B · Reggae · Soul-Hop


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