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Cate Le Bon shares enthralling new track 'Rock Pool'

Welsh enigma Cate Le Bon has capped off a stellar year with the release of new track “Rock Pool”, from an EP of the same name set to be released on Drag City in early 2017. The EP was cobbled together from songs she couldn’t fit onto Crab Day, her exceptional fourth album released earlier this year.

“Rock Pool” is another showcase of her style of leathery psych-rock - a mix of abstract lyrics, distinctive vocals and gravelly instrumentation that sounds like the creative offspring of Nico & Captain Beefheart. Her songs are little worlds unto themselves; they conjure an understated surrealism, strange yet inviting - like something out of a Leonora Carrington painting.

Listen to “Rock Pool” below:

Lines like “Bins on fire / What’s the occasion” are sung with a cool, almost academic detachment. Craggy guitars playfully tumble into the chorus, while the aloof drums give the track its roots. By now she’s already a master at twisting form just enough to smuggle through some psychedelia without alienating the listener.

Connect with Cate Le Bon: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

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