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Tom Misch's new "Watch Me Dance" is a dream catcher of a visual

Do you have that music that always seems to find its way onto your "up next" queue constantly whether consciously or subconsciously? We'll, you are not alone. London-bred singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, Tom Misch's music just so happens to be that for me. If you are unfamiliar with Misch, you are in for a serious treat.

Though his Reverie EP released in July, Misch continues to create stellar visuals for the short but sweet EP. This time he is sharing a new video for "Watch Me Dance".

The "Watch Me Dance" visual was directed by Thomas Ewbank and features über talented artist Edmond Stanbury creating a dope dream catcher in the sand. If you remember the cover art for Misch's Reverie EP, a dream catcher is placed in between the two parts of the perfectly split head figure. Also, reverie means to daydream. So, the symbolism is perfect. In true Tom Misch form, "Watch Me Dance" is full of sultry vocals and jazzy guitar.

Enjoy the new video for "Watch Me Dance" and stream Tom Misch's latest EP Reverie below.

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